Rejoice for Mozilla is Trying Again

Some time ago I switched from Firefox to Chrome. While I far prefer Firefox in many regards, it’s performance had become so bad that I couldn’t realistically use the browser anymore (the entire browser would grind to a halt if, for example, I had Amazon open in a tab). At the time it seems like Mozilla’s only mission was to copy as much of Chrome’s user interface as possible but not bother with the important parts that make Chrome desirable.

It seems like the people at Mozilla finally realized that their strategy wasn’t a winning one because they finally put Mozilla Quantum in beta. I’m happy to say that the beta version of Firefox is fast. Damned fast. While shifting to a multiprocess in the current release of Firefox did help with performance, the changes made in Quantum have significantly boosted performance. On top of that, Mozilla has finally enabled U2F in Firefox’s nightly builds, which means we should see U2F support in the near future.

I’m glad to see that Mozilla is back in the game. While Chrome is a very good browser, I want to keep my Google footprint as small as possible because I don’t like its business model of surveilling users. I also don’t want to see a return to the dark days where one browser, at the time Internet Explorer, held an almost unshakeable monopoly.