It Was Only a Matter of Time

I figured that it was only a matter of time before somebody decided to marry a drone to an improved explosive. While I’d like to claim to have the power of prescience for this, truth be told it was something common sense would have lead anybody to predict:

Mexican authorities have released photographs of commercial drones armed with improvised explosives caught among cartel members in the central Mexican town of Guanajunto. The improvised explosive was attached to the drone via a string that allows it to be carried to an objective and then remotely detonated, blowing up the drone itself (instead of releasing the device like we are seeing in Syria with some cases).

This is why any belief that weapons can be controlled is foolish. What most people think of as weapons are really just tools. The real weapon is the human mind, which has boundless creativity. One person may look at a truck and see a tool he can use to haul heavy equipment from once site to another. Another person may look at the very same truck and see a tool he can use to kill a bunch of people.