The Rules Change When the Super Bowl Is in Town

Starting either late Sunday night or early Sunday morning an incident erupted at the Graduate Hotel in Minneapolis. Police have been very coy about the entire ordeal. From what little they have provided it seems that their officers are standing off against an individual who has locked himself in his room. What is especially noteworthy though is that as of this writing the situation is still ongoing:

A standoff between police and a man holed up in a hotel room near the University of Minnesota entered its second day Tuesday as authorities continued to work for a peaceful resolution.


Late Monday after 21 hours, the man released a woman who had been in the sixth floor room with him. She was uninjured and was talking with investigators, said University of Minnesota spokesman Chuck Tombarge.

The suspect was still in the room negotiating with officers from the U, Minneapolis, State Patrol and Brooklyn Park, he said.

I feel as though this guy is only alive because the Super Bowl is in town. If we look at the history of the Minneapolis Police Department, we could safely assume that the standard response to situations like this is to rush in and waste the guy. However, that kind of reaction tends to result in a lot of bad press and none of the higher ups in Minneapolis want to make any headlines that aren’t exceedingly positive while the city is hosting the most holy of holy events.