Getting Close to the Action

Body cameras have proven to be a bust as far as holding law enforcers accountable. However, they have provided law enforcers with a wonderful tool that provides prosecutors additional evidence when they record a regular person doing something illegal and unexplained malfunctions when they would have recorded a law enforcer doing something illegal. With that kind of success it’s not surprise that law enforcers want to get even closer to the action:

MAPLE PLAIN, Minn. (KMSP) – Instead of equipping officers with body cameras, the West Hennepin Public Safety Department is mounting cameras on its officers’ guns.

The department announced the rollout of the new technology Thursday. With no buttons to press, the camera automatically starts recording as soon as the gun leaves the holster.

“And it will not turn off while you and I are talking until it is put back into a holster,” said Gary Kroells of the West Hennepin Public Safety Department.

The camera automatically starts recording when the gun leaves the holster, which means it will conveniently miss everything that lead up to the shooting. And the law enforcers can cheer and high-five each other as they watch the close up take of the back of the handcuffed dude’s skull explode in amazing high-definition! Win-win!