Let the Speculation Begin

I’m betting that there are a lot of people who aren’t surprised to hear that Cody Wilson has been charged with the sexual assault of a child:

Cody Rutledge Wilson, the 31-year-old Texas man who’s been fighting with the U.S. government to publish instructions for 3D-printed guns on the internet, was charged today with the sexual assault of a child. Wilson allegedly met the girl on a website called SugarDaddyMeet.com.

Wilson allegedly paid the girl, whose name has been withheld in court documents, $500 for sex at a hotel in Austin, Texas. The exact age of the victim is not immediately clear, though the affidavit for the arrest warrant explains that she’s under the age of 17.

The reason I’m betting that a lot of people aren’t surprised by this is because it wouldn’t be the first time that a thorn in the government’s side found themselves falsely charged with a crime that was convenient for the government. Governments aren’t above ridding themselves of troublesome individuals by assassinating their character through fabricating evidence that they committed heinous crimes. In addition to being very convenient for the government for which Wilson is currently causing trouble, another reason this charge seems fishy is because Wilson seems to be aware enough of security matters to know that seeking sex from a minor online is a recipe for getting caught up in a sting operation.

However, in the interest of objectivity, I must also accept that there is a possibility that the charges are legitimate. If they are, Wilson wouldn’t be the first thorn in the government’s side who handed it a freebie by acting in a manner that most people find reprehensible.

What makes matters worse is if Wilson doesn’t beat the charge, we will probably never know beyond a reasonable doubt whether the charge was fabricated by the government or legitimate.

4 thoughts on “Let the Speculation Begin”

  1. They claim to have video evidence of Wilson but if Deepfakes got as good as it did through open source coders wanting to make better fake porn imagine what a government can create we are already living in a world where video evidence is not actually evidence.

    1. If this is a snow job, the State wouldn’t even need to go as far as video editing. Grab an underage prostitute, make a deal that her crimes will be forgiven if she does this job, and post a profile on whatever hookup site Wilson frequents that matches with what he’s looking for. Since he’s using a hookup site, he would probably assume that women on there are of age (since those sites generally prohibit underage individuals from using them) and wouldn’t be as paranoid about checking identification (and if this is a snow job, she very well could have had very convincing fake identity documents).

  2. Wilson wouldn’t be the first thorn in the government’s side who handed it a freebie by acting in a manner that most people find reprehensible.

    What is reprehensible about answering an ad from women offering sex for money? Or was he supposed to ask for her driver’s license to prove she was over 18 (or 17)?

    1. I don’t believe there is anything reprehensible about paying money for sex. However, most people seem to find the practice reprehensible, which is what matters in this case.

      Also, if you’re going to meet somebody for sex, it’s not unwise to meet them at the bar and have a drink first. That way you can get a free age verification from the bartender.

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