The NSA Was Recording Phone Calls

Remember when Mr. Obama said the National Security Agency (NSA) wasn’t listening to your phone calls: The president added that the “hype” surrounding the NSA revelations is largely unwarranted. He said that “nobody is listening to your phone calls” and that if the feds decided to actually listen in, they would have to go back … Continue reading “The NSA Was Recording Phone Calls”

The State’s Monopoly on Violence

Jerrold Nadler is on his way to becoming one of the most honest statists in existence. Shortly after the shooting in Connecticut Nadler put his foot in his mouth by claiming that mass shootings have become more common. During the same speech he called on Obama to exploit the tragedy in order to advance the … Continue reading “The State’s Monopoly on Violence”

Mass Killings Haven’t Become More Frequent

After a mass shooting two things can always be counted on. First the victims will be forgotten while the shooter will live on in infamy. Second politicians will start demanding more gun control. As if on queue a politicians by the name of Jerrold Nadler is claiming that these shootings are becoming more frequent and … Continue reading “Mass Killings Haven’t Become More Frequent”