Overstepping Bounds

Sorry about the slow news day here. I promise the project I previously mentioned will be good and will be dealing with gun rights. Anyways back in the world of overreaching government power I bring you a story obtained from Says Uncle.

Apparently Michelle Obama likes to eat food, no surprise we all do. Like most of use Americans she like burgers and hence was found in Spike Mendelsohn’s Good Stuff Eatery. As the chefs made the burgers Secret Service agents towered over them. Once again nothing surprising going on here as it is their job to ensure the protection of the President and the President’s family. The overreaching power comes with this statement though:

Fellow patrons had their cellphones temporarily confiscated to prevent pictures from being taken.

Yes the Secret Service confiscated the cellular phones of people in the restaurant so they couldn’t take pictures. Of course in this country there is no expectation of privacy when out in public and hence it is legal to take pictures of anybody in public. Well almost anybody apparently. I think a statement involving code dead hands should go here.

So that’s Where the Mexican Guns are Coming From

FBI agent John Shipley is being charged with illegally selling guns to Mexico…


Funny that. So how exactly will making stricter gun control laws prevent federal agents, whom the law barely seems to apply, from selling guns to other countries?

BATFE Harassing Gun Owners in Border Towns

Scary news being reported by the NRA-ILA…


Several NRA members in border cities are saying they’ve had BATFE (I’m still wondering when the Hell the B and the E were tacked onto ATF) agents coming to their door and asking to be let inside so they can get the serial numbers off of their guns.

Remember everybody unless an agent has a warrant do not let them into your home. No matter what threats they make or what they say without a warrant they can not legally enter your residence. Law enforcement agents are allowed to lie to you so they can say things like they will report you or bring you down to the precinct but without legal grounds they can’t do anything.

If this is actually happening I encourage everybody to stand up for their rights and tell the BATFE no they can not enter and it’s none of their business how many guns you own.

I Guess We Now Tax Based on the Value of Money’s Material

Found on Say Uncle the Feds are trying to tax a man’s independent contractors via the value of what the money was made from not the government’s set value of the money…


This may sound odd but alas the employer paid his employees in $50.00 gold coins…

Kahre contends his workers had agreed to be independent contractors, so he did not have to withhold taxes for them. His six businesses are in the trades of painting, drywall, tiling, plumbing, heating-cooling and electrical work.

Further, the $50 gold coins and the silver dollars Kahre used for payroll are designated by Congress as legal tender, so people are entitled to value them at their stamped denominations, he also contends. Taken at face value, each defendant’s annual coin income placed him below the threshold for filing a federal tax return.

So the coins are legal tender according the Congress whom I hear has some say in the value of money. But alas being the greedy people they are the IRS wants to tax based on the value of the precious metals the coins are made from not the legal value Congress set for them.

“It’s not whether what Mr. Kahre did was legal under the law,” defense attorney Michael Kennedy told the jury in his opening statement. “It’s whether he believed what he did was legal,”

So now the law is based off of what you believe is right or wrong? In that case I don’t believe anything I do is wrong and therefore should be innocent of any crimes committed. Fuck the taxation system in this country is off the wall. If Congress sets the value of those coins at $50.00 they should be valued for tax purposes as $50.00

It’s not like the employees can legally melt down the coins for the material. Destruction of money is a federal crime.

Source: http://www.saysuncle.com/2009/06/19/capital-idea-2/

FBI to Join in Metro Gang Task Force Investigation

Funny how little things like large sums of money and cars missing can start up an investigation of a police task force. That’s what’s happening in the Twin Cities area. And now the FBI are joining in the investigation…


I guess questions are asked when $18,000 of money goes missing and important documents mysteriously get shredded. Who would have guessed?

Possible Oil Price Manipulation? No Shit?

The feds are investigating the possibility that oil prices are being manipulated…


I don’t think there really needs to be an investigation on this one, it’s pretty obvious. What’s next? Will the feds investigate the possibility that water is wet?

Source: http://www.dvorak.org/blog/2009/05/28/feds-probing-possible-oil-market-manipulation-oh-wait/

The FCC Think They can Search Your Home

Arrogance becomes you FCC…


The FCC believe if you have any device that could interfere with the operation of other devices (in other words any electronic piece of gear) they can invite themselves in to search your house. And we’re not talking at pre-arranged times and dates but anytime they damn well please.

So the spooks aren’t the only people who think they can search your premises without a warrant.