Put the Pedal to the Metal

The government “shutdown” is over, the debt ceiling has been raise, and the Affordable Care Act can be funded. Obama received everything he wanted while the Republicans received nothing. Business as usual has returned to the land.

Here’s the thing we should all consider. The politicians in Washington DC wasted our time trumping up political anger just to do the same thing they have been doing since forever, raising the debt ceiling. I think it’s time that we admit that the debt ceiling is nothing more than a figment of our imagination. To that end I hereby support the elimination of the debt ceiling.

It’s time that we get rid of all these artificial barriers between the United States and complete economic collapse. Let’s put the pedal to the metal and give everybody what they want and give it to them good and hard. Remove the debt ceiling? Pass it. Completely socialized healthcare? Pass it. $20.00 per hour minimum wage? Pass it. Free welfare and education for all? Pass it. Pass everything and anything that can drive this country over the economic cliff.

I’m not a fan of half-assing things and this country has been half-assing economic collapse for over half of a century. The time to step up and do a proper job is now. The sooner we get to the collapse stage the sooner we can begin recovering.