Brady Campaign Sticking Fingers in Ears and Saying “I Can’t Hear You” Loudly

Days of Our Trailers lets us know the Brady Bunch are in denial. Super Douche, Paul Helmke, has reportedly stuck his fingers in his hears and began screaming “I can’t hear you” as loudly as possible. Although highly annoying to both of his fellows at the Brady Bunch Headquarters they were able to type up a press release:

“The Chicago case is unlikely to have much practical impact on most gun laws regardless of how the Court rules. Even if the Court were to hold the Second Amendment applicable to states and localities, such a ruling is unlikely to change the crucial holding by the Supreme Court in Heller that a wide range of reasonable gun laws are presumptively constitutional, and that the Second Amendment right is narrowly limited to guns in the home for self-defense. Since the Heller decision, the gun lobby and criminals have brought at least 170 challenges to gun laws or to block criminal gun prosecutions. With only a handful of exceptions, those challenges have failed.”

After reading this and believing it Paul Helmke reportedly stopped yelling but still left his fingers in his ears. Both his staff reportedly said they prefer him like this because it prevents him from throwing his feces around the office.