The New Birther Conspiracy

Since Obama’s election there has been a branch of the neocons obsessed with the idea that he was secretly born in Kenya. They demanded that Obama unveil his birth certificate. When he finally did they started claiming that it was fake. But there’s a new angle to the birther conspiracy and it’s even dumber. Now a branch of neocons are insinuating that Obama’s two girls aren’t actually his girls, at least genetically speaking, but adopted children from Morocco:

While some Americans feel that the two girls have very little resemblance to their parents, others claim that the pair were adopted from Morocco. Similar to their father, there is very little evidence surrounding the two girls’ birth and background. Online searches for either of their birth records come up completely dry.

Why am I wasting your time with this? Because conspiracy theories fascinate me and therefore amuse me. They almost always involve some kernel of truth that is extrapolated from to absurd levels. In this case the evidence cited by the conspiracy theorists is particularly absurd: and have no records of the two sisters.

Well that settles it. If and don’t have records of the girls then they must have been adopted!

My gods this shit makes me laugh so hard. I mean, seriously, there is a list at least a light year long of valid criticisms against Obama. Why are so many neocons obsessed with manufacturing conspiracy theories that are unrelated to the man’s office and entirely irrelevant even if they were true? This behavior baffles me.