Shooting at Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

A rather sad story from Washington D.C. the place where no shooting can every happen because the entire city is a gun free zone…

A white supremacist dip shit shot and killed, Stephen Tyrone Johns, a guard at the Holocaust Museum. The dip shit is currently in critical condition. A third person was also injured but it was due to broken glass, not gun fire. Of course following the policy of never letting a tragedy go to waste this is already being called an act of “domestic terrorism” by the FBI…

Joseph Persichini, assistant director in charge of the Washington FBI field office, said the shootings were being investigated as a possible hate crime or a case of domestic terrorism.

Oh yeah and also a hate crime, because a murder is only hateful if it’s a racist prick doing it. This brings me to several points I’d like to make.

First the idea of a hate crime is bullshit. A person of one race, religion, or other such grouping who kills another of a different grouping shouldn’t be treated any different then two people from the same grouping killing each other. Murder and assault is wrong, period. The person convicted of the crime should be punished based on the fact he or she committed a violent act against another human being without justification.

Second I find it despicable that this is being considered domestic terrorism. I’ll be the first to say I think racists are stupid pricks. But I also believe those stupid pricks have a right to free speech and belief without being persecuted as terrorists. This might be one of the first big cases where the new definition of a right-wing extremist terrorist is used to nail a person to the wall not because they killed a person, but because their beliefs don’t agree with that of the government.

Finally the gun rights part of this. I’m sure this event is going to be used by the anti-gunners to say we need stricter control on firearms. This will be said even though Washington D.C. has a damned near complete ban on firearms. Also pay attention to this quote which will probably be thrown down a memory hole in a few days…

AP’s sources said the weapon used by the suspect was a .22-calibre rifle.

Right now it’s a .22 caliber rifle. I’m betting within a weeks time most news agencies will be saying it was an AK-47. And after this another push but the gun grabbers will be made to ban assault weapons.

Of course nobody will give a damn about Mr. Johns, the officer who was shot.