Handguns and Operating Systems

Just for a fun a comparison of guns and operating systems. This list is just for fun so if you don’t agree with it don’t take offense. If you e-mail me saying how I got a fact wrong I’ll probably just ignore you. I’m not wanting to start a holy are with either handguns nor operating systems.

1911 – Linux

Much like the 1911 Linux can be anything you want it to be so long as you’re willing to put the time and effort into it. Linux can range from being complete junk that is as unreliable as a person suffering multiple personalities disorder where one of the personalities has multiple personalities disorder. On the other hand if you put enough time into it Linux can be as solid as a mountain. Likewise Linux can look plain Jane, with only a command line or gorgeous with Gnome and Compiz. It does take some skill to learn and work though. But in most cases it will never let you down. Big, small, or medium Linux comes in all sizes.

Hi-Point – Windows

Ah yes the very definition of just enough to get the job done. Windows will get you online, it will get those word processing documents to your boss, and it will give you your e-mail. On the other hand it’s plagued with problems. Just like the Hi-Point’s groupings Window’s security has large holes in it. Many people will gladly state that Windows gets the job done and that it’s all they need, but then neglect to mention what they have to put up with in the form of constant crashing, viruses, and random data loss. Not to mention the installation size is positively huge and it’s ungainly to use any of it’s controls. It’s obvious very little time was spent on designing the human interface part of the system. It has it’s proponents but they are mostly people who haven’t used a better operating system.

Glock – BSD

When it comes to reliability BSD can’t be beat. With a time proven reliability many people have come to depend on BSD to run their commercial sites. It’s security is top notch and very few known flaws exist. This is accomplished by keeping everything as plain and simple as possible. Nothing unneeded is included in the default installation. Of course you are free to add in what you need after installation. In fact BSD can be customized to serve in almost any function from a top end server to a day to day e-mail client. Many Linux advocates whine that the license is too soft and weak. They think that the license will crack under the slightest amount of corporate abuse. In fact it’s well know that Window’s own network stack was copied from BSD. Whine as they do the Linux advocates can’t ignore it’s time proven reliability.

XD(m) – Mac OS 10

Based off of BSD Mac OS adds in many features users want. While the BSD advocates whine that all these extra features are unneeded and actual detract from BSD’s perfection Mac users seem to be quite happy. Mac OS is reliable and gets the job done. It’s not as light weight as BSD but it’s far lighter than Windows or Linux. Every new release brings improvements although they may seem small at times. The interface is easy to use with all the needed controls being located in common sense locations. Apple is very strict with it’s human interface guidelines making most applications familiar. There aren’t many different options only OS X desktop edition and OS X server edition. Most people like the desktop version because it’s cheaper and does what is needed, but there are applications where the server edition is just needed.

J-Frame Revolver – Palm OS (a.k.a. Garnet OS)

Palm OS still has tons of fans who tout it as the great operating system. It might seem slim on features now will all the other big name operating systems out there but it still serves a purpose. It will get what needs to be done accomplished. It’s incredibly small and can be put on all manners of devices that will fit in your pocket. It doesn’t have much memory available to it and that can’t be expanded. A reboot of the device will fix almost any problem with the system. Although bypassed by many newer operating systems it’s still preferred by many die hards who don’t want anything else. They just worry any new additions will make the system less reliable.