Proving Once Again the European Union is Anti-Business

It never seems to end with the European Union. They bring up a well deserved anti-trust case against Microsoft. It ends in a fine, which Microsoft pays. The European Union also requires Microsoft to rip out applications in it’s operating system so Microsoft does so releasing special European only versions of it’s operating system. For instance there is going to be an Internet Explorer free version of Windows 7. Well apparently that doesn’t go far enough for the largest socialist coalition on Earth…

The European Union not only wants Microsoft to remove its own browser they also want Microsoft to include competitors’ browsers. I’m calling bullshit on this right here, right now. I dislike Microsoft as much as many others because of what they have done to the industry through their illegal practices. But why should they not be allowed to include their own web browser? And why in the fuck should they be required to include competitors’ products?

The bottom line every modern operating system includes a web browser. Apple’s Mac OS includes Safari, Ubuntu includes Firefox, Android includes it’s own WebKit based browser, Heck Debian even includes Ice Weasel which is just Firefox with a different name. If no browser was included most people wouldn’t know what to do with their computer. Unlike those of us in the “tech savvy” world most people have no idea how to get a web browser without first having a web browser. If you removed Internet Explorer from Windows what do you think most people would do? Probably call their computer manufacturer’s tech support and as “What the fuck guys?”

As making Microsoft remove the browser is idiotic. But making them include their competition’s products is insane. Yes Microsoft are a convicted monopoly, yes they did illegal practices to get to where they are today, but making them include the competition’s products is about as anti-business as you get. Most people who want to use a different browser just get one. For instance the first thing I do on a new installation of Windows after applying the system updates is download a copy of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (depending on the day).

The problem with including other companies’ products is that Microsoft has no control over them. Currently when a security hole is found in Internet Explorer (you know just about every day) Microsoft figures out the problem and usually fixes it. They can do this because it’s their product and they have control over it. Now let’s say Firefox is included in Windows. Microsoft has no control over any problems that may occur and would be at Mozilla’s mercy when it came to providing a fix. Granted Mozilla is good about providing fixes but if they stop for some reason that leave Microsoft in a shitty position. Not to mention Microsoft has no way of knowing if their competitors’ products won’t interfere with other software in Windows.

Also who is to say any of Microsoft’s competitors won’t provide a special version of their production to include into Windows which they will refuse to support? I doubt this would happen but if they did it would make Microsoft look bad not them browser’s creator. Not having control over your own product is not only difficult but dangerous.

Finally how will we determine which browsers will be included? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of browser out there. Does Microsoft have to include them all? If so that’s probably a few more gigabytes of size that will need to be installed with the operating system. Do only browsers with at least 10% market share get included? Well that would only leave Mozilla. Of course that would be unfair to Chrome, Safari, etc. How do you get clueless users to determine what browser will be best for them? Most people use Internet Explorer because it’s there and as far as they are concerned it is the Internet. Many of these people would have no idea what to do when asked what web browser to install.

Honestly this is just another reason why I hate the European Union. It was a bad idea when it started and it’s only getting worse as it ages.