Wow Some Peoples’ Ignorance Scares Me

So I was poking around on Kotaku this early morning and came across the following story…

The story itself is tragic since a child ended up shooting his sibling with a shotgun. Although rare these tragedies happen and when they do the anti-gunners run in and jump around in the blood and exploiting the tragedy to meet their own desires. I sometimes wonder if the people in charge of the Brady Bunch jump up and down for joy whenever they hear about a child shooting another one.

But I’m digressing again. The part that scared me most about this story is the comments section. There are a lot of ignorant people out there and being I’m active in the gun community I don’t see them all that often (granted many of my friends are liberal and strongly against guns but they know better than to try and argue it with me).

From a semi-random sampling we have this quote by a user named Quaro…

people who break into homes don’t break in them so they can kill. they do it to steal. so the heck with it let them take what they want, the insurance company gives it’s value back to me, and I report the crime to the police, they find evidence, they catch him end of story.

Tell that to college students whom had two armed thugs break into their home separating the men from the women with the intent to rape the women and kill all of the student…

Those thugs certainly didn’t come in to just steal some stuff. They came in with intent to rape and murder. If one of the students didn’t have a gun none of them would probably be alive today. But that’s not all this commenter had to say…

besides if you care enough for your safety to buy a gun, how about installing a security system????

So a security system will allow the police to teleport to your location instantly? Wait it won’t? Well then you still have to wait for the police to arrive which usually takes slightly longer then killing somebody does. The sad fact is the police can’t be everywhere and they can’t protect everybody. Lord knows they do their best but they, like us, are only human. Meanwhile that gun is within reach and ready to be used in the defense of your life.

I’ll also pick a second quote from my semi-random sampling. This is one by a user named OkayOctane…

Best thing to do in a robbery? Barricade yourself in your room, and let them KNOW you’re calling the police. I guess this is where you tell me that only pussies hide, but that’s the don’t need to be a hero, or have this bravado shit going on. Your TV is replaceable, let them freaking take it.

Yes I’m sure the criminal will instantly stop doing anything illegal once you yell you are calling the police. The criminals know just as well as you do that the police won’t arrive for a while. But don’t get me wrong locking yourself in a room is a good idea during a home invasion, preferably a room where you can cover the entrance with a shotgun so if the invader tries to come on in you can stop them.

Finally the concept of just letting the thief have your stuff is rather stupid to me. I don’t care about my stuff but I do care that the criminal feels they were able to find an easy target. I want anybody who breaks into my place to leave empty handed and scared shitless. Why? Because they won’t be so likely to return. If they know I’m armed and willing to defend myself they crook will probably try a different house next time.

The difference between people who proclaim the right idea is to just give up and do whatever a criminal says and a person who is willing to defend themselves is a matter of personal responsibility. The sheep (person willing to surrender) doesn’t want to take any responsibility. By just giving into the criminal’s demands they aren’t responsible for what happens afterwards, it’s the criminal’s fault. If they live they can justify everything as the criminal’s fault. Meanwhile I, like most gun owners, am not afraid of taking responsibility for my life. I don’t want to be sitting in my hallway stabbed thinking what a bastard that thug was. I want the criminal to be laying in the hallway with a bullet through him not thinking anything at all. I want to be alive and I’m willing to take responsibility for my own life.

The bottom line is your life, and the lives of your loved ones, are the most precious things on this planet. You shouldn’t expect other people to take responsibility for your most precious possession. Realize that in order to be entitled to live you need to be willing to fight for it. Survival of the fittest is how the entire planet works. There are wolves who prey on the sheep but then there are sheepdogs who can fight off the wolves. I personally am a sheepdog and I assume most of my readers are as well.

3 thoughts on “Wow Some Peoples’ Ignorance Scares Me”

  1. I’ve talked to a girl on facebook who is a rape victim, and she is all for victim disarmament. This really blows my mind. The only defense she could come up with was a Betty Friedan quote of “violence only begets violence.”

    No, violence directed towards an attacker deters that violence.

    Sometimes I think that survivors of rape want other rape victims so that they don’t have to suffer and be shamed alone. This makes me angry and sick.

    If a woman doesn’t kill or injure or otherwise deter her would-be rapist, that same guy is going to go out and do it again. Doesn’t that mean anything to them? But, maybe they want that. It’s truly a sick mindset.

    There was that little protest/meeting on campus a few months back called “Take Back The Night” where rape survivors talked about their experiences, often breaking down crying and not being able to finish. Afterward they walked around town carrying signs and making lots of noise with loudspeakers and the noise makers one uses at New Years Eve parties. Yeah, a lot of good THAT will do.

    So, Jon, I, and a woman I’ve known for a few years from Rochester handed out fliers telling people how to get concealed carry licenses and whatnot. Hopefully at least one went through with it. Some were with their boyfriends and guy friends, and I hope those guys supported that and convinced the women to go through with it. But, some guys are just pussies.

    But it really confuses me when actual rape victims are STILL for gun-control even after they’ve been raped. Collectivism, in all it’s glory, right?

  2. I don think it’s the fact that they want more women to get raped but the fact that it has already happened and therefore there is no need for self defense. I just can’t believe anybody who has been raped would wish it, even subconsciously, upon somebody else.

    A lot of people are ignorant and believe the massive mudslide of shit the anti-gunners spew. They say that even if you have a gun it won’t help most of the time because the criminal will grab it and use it against you. They never remind you of the fact that a criminal isn’t going to get close enough to grab the gun if you use the gun for its intended purpose, shooting things at a distance.

    The other problem is most people aren’t good at thinking for themselves. They just do what the majority does and the majority does what the television and politicians tell them to. The news loves to report on how guns are evil and nobody besides police and military can properly use them.

    The next time you guys are planning on doing something like handing out flyers let me know, I’d love to come down and help out for something like that.

    1. I know, it’s weird and almost absurd to think that they wish it upon others, but that’s the only conclusion I can draw. How else can one explain it when a survivor of a rape can not, will not, support arming other women, even when showed all the facts that show that guns are the best way to prevent rape – not that showing them any kind of facts should even BE necessary, they’ve been raped, after all.

      That’s like showing a person who was injured or injured others because of a drunk driving accident that driving sober is safer. Jesus Christ, how much more evidence does a person need?

      But, these are the people who go through life thinking that love, harmony, and world peace can be achieved by merely thinking, no, not even thinking, but feeling it. (That and state-mandated thinking and feeling about world peace and all that). You can’t think or feel the world safe. There are too many bad people who can and will take advantage of people like that. I’m not even talking about hippies. I occasionally feel hippie-ish – I’ll sit down and listen to a Beatles album and think about how great it would be if there was relative peace and love in the world, but I also realize that people who would abuse such a world should be dealt with if and when they try.

      From an evolutionary perspective, this makes sense. Groups, tribes, whatever, were most likely to live if they stayed cohesive, and that means following the Leader. The Leader, in order for him and his tribe to survive, must be rather flexible in what he is willing to do in order to survive. Things like conscience and morals only got in their way.

      People who deny this are simply wearing rose colored glasses. And instead of saying “man, I’ll never understand that,” I try to grasp what they are thinking.

      Check this link out:

      It’s called “Raging Against Self Defense: A Psychiatrist Examines the Anti-Gun Mentality” by Sarah Thompson, M.D. Very interesting.

      As a former socialist and anti-gunner myself, I should be able to explain somewhat where they’re coming from. However, that was a long time ago, and I have trouble remembering why I was such a moron. I guess I can chalk it up to being young, and listening too much in high school. Yes, listening too much.

      Anyway, back to anti-gunners and rape victims wanting more victims. I think it’s plausible, at least for some people, especially the Leaders of anti-gun organizations. They will always use shootings and accidents as further proof that guns must be taken away, as long as the shootings fit what they want. I hypothesize this by saying that they don’t believe that guns should be banned because of shootings, but that shootings should be used as evidence to ban guns. The means justify the ends for them. This includes falsifying or skewing evidence, selective research of evidence, and even lying. That’s why we get douchebags like Pennington of the Brady Campaign outright lying by saying the federal gun control laws can be counted on one hand.
      And that’s where your point comes in:

      “The other problem is most people aren’t good at thinking for themselves. They just do what the majority does and the majority does what the television and politicians tell them to. The news loves to report on how guns are evil and nobody besides police and military can properly use them.”

      But it’s rare to see media reporting on the many successful self-defense uses of guns every day.

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