Six Percenters

In episode 50 of The Handgun Podcast the hose, Eric Shelton, threw down a great idea. He’s calling it the Handgun Podcast Six-Percenters. The basic idea is to get involved in gun rights by contacting your officials. Details are here…,1853.0.html

Why six percent? In Eric’s own words…

Six Percent is almost embarrassingly low. It’s actually kind of sad to think that that’s all I feel I can reasonably expect to get involved.

I think he’s right six percent of people is able all you can expect to get. The stupid thing is that contacting your representatives isn’t hard. They make it easy to do as well. You can call them, e-mail them, or send them a letter using the old fashion postal system.

You don’t even have to bring up an issue when you contact them. Just let them know who you are and that you’re a strong supporter of the second amendment. Every voice matters in this case, the more calls, e-mails, and letters they get from pro gun rights people the more likely they will be to vote for the second amendment. This is the only way to win political victories.

So here is my officially stating that you need to contact your congress critters and let them know where you stand.

4 thoughts on “Six Percenters”

  1. I wonder if this is related at all, maybe in a back-handed sort of way, to Mike Vanderboegh’s Three Percent?

    Probably not. I hope not.

  2. It is related to Mark’s three percenters. Eric Shelton, the host of The Handgun Podcast, is also a member of Mark’s Gun Rights Radio Network. There is nothing back handed going on here.

  3. I figured out the confusion…

    You were talking about Mike Vanderboegh and I though (because I fill in a lot of data when I read) you were talking about Mark Vanderberg. Those names are creepily similar I must admit.

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