Your Tax Dollars at Work, PBS’s Anti-Gun Message

I found this one on the Gun Rights Radio Network forum and found it aggravating…

It’s a long anti-gun rant full of the usual fear, uncertainty, and disinformation (FUD). Let’s pull some choice quotes from the article shall we…

And I’m not making this up either: after that shooting at the Holocaust Museum a conservative organization immediately offered those of us on television a chance to interview the founder of the organization Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. His expertise, it is said, is in helping people understand why gun control doesn’t belong in a civilized society. Thanks, but no thanks. And no thanks to his counterparts among Christians and Muslims who use every violent shedding of blood to promote the worship of guns.

OK be honest Bill Moyers, this isn’t about religious organizations killing each other to promote the “worship” guns (seriously find me a religion that says to worship guns). This is about not wanting to hear the other side’s arguments because you know you can’t refute them. Emotional blubbering doesn’t stand up against facts. God forbid you did something crazy like talk and listen to somebody with an opposing viewpoint.

Guns don’t kill people, they say. People kill people. True. People kill people — with guns.

This is very true, I can’t refute it in any way. People kill people with guns. We also kill each other with knives, cars, bombs, household cleaners, scissors, pencils, electricity, water, and our bare hands. Why isn’t he asking for a ban on any of these items? It might be the stereotypical example but cars kill more people than guns and Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than all of my guns combined.

it’s 22 times more likely to shoot a member of their family than an intruder.

That statistic fits very nicely with the one that states you are most likely to get burglarized or molested by somebody in your family. Cripes, better not interact with any of your family members!

Thank you Mr. Moyer for another emotion filled and fact free argument. It’s so nice to read these because they are so easy to tear apart. It’s even more entertaining when you realize that he’s writing this while being paid with our tax money. Wait that isn’t entertaining at all that just makes him a total asshole.