Some Anti-Gunners Crying over Open Carry

A rather whiny article I found thanks to Mark Vanderberg on Facebook. I only post this because I’m in the mood to shoot down some more illogical statements…

The usual thing will be happening here, I’m going to pull out choice quotations and then destroy them. Let the carnage begin…

The real world implications of the open carry crusade is chilling. Consider:

Ooooh a bullet point list, I love these. Heck I love these so much each point is getting it’s own block quote. Let us consider the implications of…

Sipping hot chocolate with your toddler at Starbucks while a fellow patron openly displays a gun at the table next to you;

What is the implication of this? Well I’d probably go over to the guy and strike up a conversation. Who knows what terrible manner of conversation could arise between two pro-gun nut cases. Why there could be talk about the type of gun he’s carrying, the type of gun I’m carrying, politics, coffee, Hell almost anything. I’m sure the baby would have fun getting complements from another person proclaiming how cute he/she is. The only crime that could happen here is paying more for the coffee then you do for some ammunition.

Attending a church service with your entire family knowing that the fellow parishioner sitting next to you has a handgun tucked in his belt; or

What implication could we have here? Conversation with a fellow pro-gunner after the service is certainly likely. If some crazy asshole broke in with intent to kill people at the service I’m sure he wouldn’t get very far since there would be at least two law abiding citizens with guns there. You know this also sounds like a good implication.

Boarding a crowded bus with your newborn child with upwards of 5 other passengers openly carrying weapons.

Once again conversations could be abound. Also I know my newborn child would be safe from any crazy drug addict who might board the bus and try to rob or kill us. Hell this sounds like the only bus I’d want to ride on.

So what other quotes can be pulled from here? How about this one…

Unless this is the kind of world you want for you and your children, Americans’ need to pick up the phone to call state and federal lawmakers to voice outrage over the gun lobby’s extremist agenda.

Actually since this is exactly the type of world I’d want to live in I have contacted my congress critters, and told them to fight for my second amendment rights.

Oh and I love this one…

It’s ironic that today’s parents are hyper-vigilant about what their children eat, whom they hang out with and whether they have sunscreen on. Yet, in sharp contrast, there is remarkably little awareness or concern about the 280 million guns in civilian hands in our country—many of which are carried into countless public places each day where families frequent.

Maybe it’s because people aren’t concerned what law abiding citizens with guns will do. They are more concerned what criminals with guns will do. Furthermore they probably feel a bit safer knowing that there are people willing to defend themselves and others from criminals with guns. I know I do.

And finally…

After all, allowing a small group of armed gun owners — versus trained law enforcement officers — to make potentially life and death decisions about public safety in restaurants, churches, theaters and parks is a frightening prospect.

Sure I’ll bite, we can let the trained law enforcement officers make life and death decisions. After the many minutes it will take for them to arrive and many people have already been killed. Great idea, let’s let innocent people die because some people are afraid of something they’ve never used, guns.

Seriously I love these anti-gun arguments because they are so full of emotional B.S. but lack any real facts.