More on Stripping the Right of People on the Terror Watch List

I mentioned earlier about the proposed bill which would prevent anybody who is on the secret “terrorist watch list” from buying firearms. Well Sharp as a Marble posted a good story where morons who don’t know what they are talking about try to spread hysteria through lies…

From the article…

People named on the government’s terrorist watch list have successfully purchased firearms hundreds of times since 2004, government investigators reported yesterday. In one case, a known or suspected terrorist was able to buy more than 50 pounds of explosives, the Government Accountability Office reported.

So people who are on a secret list that contains everybody from 70 year old ladies to politicians has no ability to stop people from buying guns and explosives? And this is surprising why?

If these idiots would critically think for just a few minutes they would realize a couple of things. First of all this is a secret list which means nobody outside of the higher echelons of government know who is on it. If you started preventing people who are on it from doing things they previously had no problem doing that might tip them off that they are on this secret list. I know if ended up passing and all of the sudden I got turned down by the NICS system I’d be pretty sure I was on that list.

The second idiotic thing about his list is that no court process has to be done to put somebody on the list. What the supporters of this bill are saying is they support stripping the rights of citizens without due process. Are people who are willing to strip your rights just because somebody put your name on a secret list really the kinds of representatives you want? Do they really represent you? I hope the answer to both questions is a resounding no.

Make no mistake this isn’t about saving guns or keeping guns out the hands of terrorists. This bill is about control and disarming the citizens of America. Remember just because somebody is on this list doesn’t mean they’ve actually done anything illegal. In fact we don’t even know if anybody on this list has done anything since it’s secret.

Finally although I’m not much for conspiracy theories who is to say that people won’t be placed on this list after they buy “too many” guns. After all it’s a list of “suspected” terrorists. And by suspected I mean there isn’t enough evidence to even get a search warrant on the person. Tie this with the recent paper describing right-wing extremist terrorists, which included proponents of the second amendment, and you have a recipe for government terrorism against its citizens. Who knows maybe if you buy two guns in a month you automatically get placed on this list, you just don’t know.