The Supreme Court did it Right and Wrong in One Case

A story I’m glad to see printed in the slowly dying New York Times…

Back in 2003 a school’s zero tolerance policy (a.k.a. complete stupidity) went beyond too far. Savana Redding was suspect of having prescription strength drugs (you know for a prescription) which the school apparently frowns upon. They decided to search her backpack and outer clothes. But they didn’t stop there, no they went for the full strip search, on a 13 year old girl.

They ended up finding nothing of course. But I find it down right despicable that a school performed a strip search on a student. This in my opinion is a complete violation of a person’s rights. But schools love to claim you have no rights until you turn 18 years old, which is bullshit.

Anyways the Supreme Court found, by an 8 to 1 vote, that her rights had in fact been violated.

Now for the part they did wrong. The Supreme Court decided, but a 7 to 2 vote, that the individuals who performed the search should not be prosecuted. Personally I think if you’re unwilling to say “Fuck no I’m not doing that, I’ll quite first.” in a situation such as this then you are as guilty as the person ordering it.

Either way there is a pending lawsuit against the school which I hope the girl’s family wins. This kind of shit needs to be put down.