What Global Warming Bias?

Oh shit here it goes again another study critical of global warming has been suppressed…


This is why I don’t buy into the whole global warming thing. For me to buy into something I generally need scientific evidence from multiple sides. I want studies done by people for a subject and people against a subject. In the case of global warming anybody who publishes a study that is critical of global warming is shunned and their study never sees the light of day.

I’m sure many people consider me insane and a conspiracy theory nut ball because I don’t desire to fight in Al Gore’s Apocalypse. But I have yet to find a study done by an un-bias party that shows evidence that global warming exists or that it is man made. My skepticism probably comes from the fact I remember when everybody was saying we are going to be entering another ice age any time. I also remember when all the pollution in our atmosphere was going to create so much acid rain that it would be deadly to go outside while it was raining. Neither of these claims had any real scientific evidence behind them and eventually they fell to the wayside.