Vampire Earth Winter Duty is Out

OK I’m a huge science fiction geek and one of my favorite collection of novels is The Vampire Earth series. Needless to say the eighth title, Winter Duty, is out…

No it’s not a referral link I just brought up the Amazon link because I like Amazon (I bought a copy for the Kindle myself). For those of you unfamiliar with the series here is a thumbnail summary. An alien race called the Kurians have overtaken Earth. They came to our planet to feed off of a life force known as vital aura. This life force is stronger ins sentient races hence why our planet is on the list to be invaded. They consume vital aura through their avatars known as Reapers whom feed off of our blood and transfer our aura to a controlling Kurian (hence the legend of vampires).

You won’t find any lame ass sparkling vampires and teenage angst in this series. It’s mostly balls the the wall action as the series follow the life of David Valentine a member of the resistance. The story is great and I really like Mr. Knight’s writing style. I also like the fact that these books have all been consistently great page turners.