The Kurian Invasion Begins

Several people I know were reporting sightings of aliens in the Como area of St. Paul last night. Normally I’m just as skeptical as the next guy but when I put it all together it makes sense. Think about it for a second; we’re experiencing massive natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornadoes during a time of economic downturn. That must mean the Kurian invasion has begun!

It’s been nice knowing all of you but I’m off to the Ozarks to jump start the resistance.

* I really need more opportunities to make Vampire Earth references on this blog.

Vampire Earth: March in Country Out Today

Speaking of birthdays I think I just received one of the most awesome gifts ever. Today is the release date of Vampire Earth: March in Country. I already have it downloaded on my Kindle and expect to be completely worthless for the next few days while I read through it. Do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy for your own bookshelf or electronic reading device.

How Did I Miss This

OK I’m going down the nerd fanboy road here. But the novel cover art for Vampire Earth: March in Country was revealed. Here it is:

Once again great cover art. Nothing like having a guy with a gun on the cover to let you know this novel doesn’t involved vampires that sparkle. Oh and here is the summary that’ll be on the back of the book:

Known for writing “in the vein of Well’s War of the Worlds”* E.E. Knight continues his national bestselling Vampire Earth novels featuring Major David Valentine. His army builds solid alliances in the name of freedom—but the opposition’s wrath is just as strong…

The race is on to claim the area between the Ohio River and Tennessee, emptied by war and disease after the human effort to establish a Kentucky Freehold failed. What’s left of the resistance is hiding out in the tangle of central Kentucky hills—leaving the powerful, well-organized Kurian vampires the opportunity to fill the void.

Major David Valentine knows a small group of fierce, freedom-loving allies who would be glad for a chance to settle the rich lands. But they’re over three hundred miles away, with hostile aliens, and vicious human slavers standing between. There’s only one way for them to cover the distance before the Kurians settle in: a desperate dash by hijacked rail, followed by a harrowing river journey.

Valentine unites friends old and new in the effort–but the Kurian Order won’t easily yield the blood-soaked Kentucky soil.

Anyways I can’t recommend the Vampire Earth series enough. It’s a great post-apocalyptic novel that puts a creative spin on the vampire lore. If that isn’t enough there is enough action to keep most people very satisfied. March in Country should be released in July.

Vampire Earth Winter Duty is Out

OK I’m a huge science fiction geek and one of my favorite collection of novels is The Vampire Earth series. Needless to say the eighth title, Winter Duty, is out…

No it’s not a referral link I just brought up the Amazon link because I like Amazon (I bought a copy for the Kindle myself). For those of you unfamiliar with the series here is a thumbnail summary. An alien race called the Kurians have overtaken Earth. They came to our planet to feed off of a life force known as vital aura. This life force is stronger ins sentient races hence why our planet is on the list to be invaded. They consume vital aura through their avatars known as Reapers whom feed off of our blood and transfer our aura to a controlling Kurian (hence the legend of vampires).

You won’t find any lame ass sparkling vampires and teenage angst in this series. It’s mostly balls the the wall action as the series follow the life of David Valentine a member of the resistance. The story is great and I really like Mr. Knight’s writing style. I also like the fact that these books have all been consistently great page turners.