To Wyoming and Back

As I said last week I’d be gone for roughly a week. Anyways I was in Wyoming meeting my girlfriend’s family and getting a good feel for the area. I have to say it’s a nice place with some great scenery. I know I have to head out there prairie dog shooting someday.

To the point I came across some good gun related fortune. I found small pistol primers. So now I’m 4,000 primers richer. They have a Sportsman’s Warehouse there and since I was on vacation I was able to beat all the people who were working their jobs to the store and grab my limit of primers (2,000 per day so I had to go there two days). I also found a butt load of primers at Rocky Mountain Discount Outfitters but they were gouging on them pretty severely.

Anyways it was good to see primers in stock for a change. It’s been far too long.