Getting Rusty

I went shooting this weekend and must say I’m getting rusty with the shotgun. A friend and I did some rifle, pistol, and shotgun work. For shotgun work we shot clays, or more specifically he shot them while I failed at it. I haven’t shot clays since probably high school and it really showed. I can’t even blame the gun since my friend was using it to.

For pistol I was doing good until he introduced me to my new nemesis the shot timer. This was a huge eye opener for me though. I always knew adding stress to a situation would make me a much worse shot but I didn’t realize how much worse. Either way I’m ordering a shot timer now so I can practice with some added stress.

For rifle shooting I was testing loads in the M14 SOCOM 16. I’m trying to find a load that I can use as a defensive round. Needless to say I loaded up 50 rounds of various powder loads with 155 grain bullets. They were nicer to shoot than my 168 grain bullets and they looked good on the chronograph to boot. Not to mention most of the shooting was done from a standing position and I was hitting the paper well (it was at 100 yards with iron sights).

So yeah I’m rather disappointed in myself but hey it’s a good reason to practice more.

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  1. I looked it up and found they don’t seem to make a 7.62x51mm, they do make a 7.62x39mm though. But why buy what I can create? Corbon ammunition is quite expensive and I couldn’t afford to use it while reloading my own ammunition is fairly cheap and does the same job.

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