Rights Still Hold Around Obamessiah

Good news for John Noble the man brought up on charges for carrying a legal firearm too close to the Obamessiah…


He’s been acquitted. Apparently we still have some rights as citizens even if we are within an unspecified range of the president. Of course the judge still had some words…

In my lifetime, there have been a number of assassinations of presidents and presidential candidates. A number of presidents were shot at. I’m very cognizant of that the defendant’s actions were very foolish. But not all foolish actions are criminal acts.

I don’t see how doing a peaceable demonstration is foolish myself. The man was simply standing outside of the rally with a bible and a legal firearm stating how he felt about the Obamessiah’s remark about people clinging to their guns and religion. He made no threats to anybody and didn’t disrupt the rally in any way. I’m sure if he had done the same thing while carrying a hammer nobody would have cared.

It is nice to see that you can be found innocent if you haven’t broken any laws.