Home Defense, Doing it Right

I came across a heart warming story dealing with a man defending a home. An armed suspect broke into a house only to be met with a bullet to his neck. The story has a happy ending as well, the defender was unharmed while the scum bag didn’t make it past the front porch.

The defender was not actually a resident of the home either, he was only staying there with his relatives. Hopefully if the home owners aren’t gun owners they will be soon.

I don’t have one rant to make about this article though. The new piece clearly gives the exact address of the home that was broken into. This practice should end in my book since it could potentially put the people living there in danger. If the scum bag is a member of a gang there could be such a thing as his posse deciding to get revenge. It would be quite easy to do now that they have the exact location of the place where their fellow in crime was killed. I’m just saying news reporters should use a little common sense and realize that they should protect the residence of such a home by holding back the address. The address brings nothing to the story and is unneeded.