Senator Wicker Introduces Bill to End Gun Restriction on Train Travel

Another pro-second amendment bill is being introduced, this time by Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi. The Bill, titled the Amtrak Secure Transportation of Firearms Act, would require Amtrak to enact regulations akin to those held by airlines for transportation of firearms.

As it stands right now Amtrak has a zero gun policy. Unlike the airlines that have regulations in place that allow you to transport you gun, Amtrak won’t even allow you to bring a gun that is unloaded and locked in a secure case. From the article:

The legislation states that if an Amtrak station accepts luggage for a specific route, passengers would be able to lawfully transport firearms and ammunition in secure baggage based on the following guidelines:

· Before checking the bag or boarding the train, the passenger must declare that the firearm or pistol is in his or her bag and is unloaded

· The firearm or pistol must be carried in a hard-sided container

· The hard-sided container must be locked and only the passenger has the combination or key for the container

Of course this won’t allow you to carry a gun even if your legally capable but it’s far better then the anti-gun zero ability policy currently in place. Apparently a similar amendment to a budge resolution was made earlier this year but was removed by the House.