Media Bias, I Don’t Believe It

Man I find a treasure trove of great articles on Says Uncle. For instance apparently the media only feel those who oppose them and carry guns are worth shitting bricks over. Take a look at this article on MSNBC. From the article:

Holding anti-health care reform signs, soliciting car honks; the tenor of the shallow sea of signs the same.

Except for one counterprotester, apparently the only one within shouting distance. The man would only give his first name as he stood alone, wearing a Yankee baseball team shirt, a handgun on his hip, holding a contrary sign.

Oh shit he’s got a gun, PANIC! Well not so much:

“Part of my passion as a Democrat is the right to bear arms,” Josh said.

A veteran, and from a long family history of veterans, the man who was very much alone in the small crowd of protesters said he believed in fighting for the less fortunate.

“I am a firm supporter of health care for every American,” he said.

Wasn’t there panic and hysteria because people opposing government health care control brought guns to a protest? Shouldn’t there be equal panic and hysteria over a man for government health care control carrying a gun? I mean I thought the reason people were carrying guns to these protests was to intimidate the other side, that’s what the media said. Funny how they are outraged when people don’t agree with them and completely meh when people do agree with them.