An Even Trade

The death of Mr. Kuhn is tragic but it looks like it ended in an even trade. Devote anti-freedom senator of Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy, has also died. Although death is never a good thing nor would I wish death on most people but I’m certainly not shedding tears here. Some people say you shouldn’t talk bad about the dead. I personally think you should talk honestly about the dead.

Former senator Kennedy was a bastard to say the least. I’m not just talking about the fact he was anti-gun either. Look up the Chappaquiddick incident which is where the phrase “Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than my guns” comes from. He also tried pushing government controlled health care on us after he got cancer, which he said made him realize the need. Bullshit he was rich enough to afford the best medical treatment, but hey I’m sure the current administration will use Kennedy’s death as a mean to push the public health care bill through.

Anyways I’m not glad he’s dead but I’m certainly not sad either.