One of Our Own was Murdered

Sad news today, gun rights activist, Carl Kuhn has died. To make matters worse he was murdered by a former client of his. An ex-con by the name of Terry Bratcher who has become friends with Mr. Kuhn suffocated the activist with a pillow. After killing him the bastard stole his gun collection which were later recovered in West Chicago.

I’ve heard a couple off hand remarks saying guns killed Mr. Kuhn as they were the reason behind the murder. But I’m going to say most of us would probably not be expecting somebody we consider a friend to murder us. Hence when that former friend moved into to kill us we wouldn’t be ready to put up a proper defense. This case is also slightly different being Mr. Kuhn was 82 and the murdering bastard is 43, so there is a bit of a physical capability difference. This just goes to show once again anybody can be a potential threat, even if you consider them a threat. Sad but true.

Illinois claims another person.