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This Just in Ted Kennedy is Still Dead

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Well it seems official, Ted Kennedy is still dead. Apparently they are having a public viewing so I’m assuming they didn’t even need to drive a stake through his heart to keep him down. That’s a little surprising for me. Maybe somebody who is going to the funeral should do that just to be sure though.

Good riddance you bastard. Getting away with murder just because of the family you hail from shouldn’t be legal in this country, but he proved it is. Then again I guess it’s not murder when you drive your car into a body of water and swim away while leaving the other passenger to her death. Nope that’s not murder that’s cowardice and being an accessory to murder.

I hope you get into Heaven just so Mary Jo Kopechne has her chance to kick your ass.

Written by Christopher Burg

August 27th, 2009 at 2:25 pm