When Health Care Meets Firearm Registration

Britain has yet another trick up it’s sleeves to use against those few remaining gun owners in Britain. The British Medical Association wants to tag the health records of those few who have firearms in Britain. For those of you unaware there are means of owning a long gun or shotgun in Britain if you are willing to jump through enough hoops and the police OK you.

This latest pile of bullshit strives from the following:

Last August Bank Holiday Mr Foster killed his wife and 15-year-old daughter before setting fire to their home at Maesbrook, near Oswestry, and killing himself.

It emerged at the inquest into the deaths that Christopher Foster had been suffering from depression and had mentioned suicidal thoughts to his GP.

The British government wants it’s citizens completely disarmed, that’s apparent. They have abolished handguns and most long guns. The problem is there are some means of getting certain long guns. An easy way to do that is to link a gun registry system with a health care system.

See since Foster was suicidal this opens the door to say all gun owners are potential sufferers of depression and suicidal tendencies. After all anybody can become depressed at some point in their life. Likewise a suicidal person can decided to take some people with them. Guns are a method of doing it but so is blowing up your car, burning down your home after dousing it in kerosene, stabbing people to death, and even suffocating sleeping people with pillows. The point is there is no way you can take away all the potential weapons a murdering asshole can use.

The scariest part of this though is it puts doctors in a position to determine if you can continue owning your firearms. Think about it for a second. You have an anti-gun doctor and he sees you own firearms when he looks at your medical record. He knows all that needs to be done to take away your firearms is a call to the police saying you are suffering from depression. Instantly your firearm licenses are revoked. Similarly it’s not hard to say somebody is suffering from depression, anybody can be considered depressed.

Of course the anti-gun pricks in Britain love this idea. Just ask Chrissie Hall the spokesperson from Infer Trust a group that says to offer support for people affected by gun violence (which should be impossible in Britain since they have such strict gun laws and a complete ban on handguns and an almost complete ban on everything else):

Anything that makes life safer for individuals who live in a house where there is a weapon, Infer Trust would be keen to support.

Anything? ANYTHING? A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g? Well fuck they must be all for cutting off the hands and feet of everybody in Britain since punching and kicking is often used as a weapon, many times to kill. Knives are weapons so we should probably tag the medical records of anybody with a knife in the house. Large sticks can be used as weapons to, better tag the medical records of those who have trees in their lawn of any size. Cars to are used as weapons thats another tag to add to medical records.

Of course somebody has some common sense there yet. The mental health charity Mind doesn’t agree with this (not for all the right reasons but at least they aren’t agreeing):

Spokeswoman Katie Prior said: “The link between violence and mental health problems is often grossly exaggerated. Any tragedies that do occur are terrible, but it’s important to recognise that such cases are rare.”

She said people with mental health problems were extremely unlikely to be dangerous: “In fact, research shows that they are are more likely to be the victims of crime than the perpetrators.”

Wait what’s that most people with mental problems aren’t violent? They are more often the victims of crimes? No shit Sherlock. Most people who suffer from depression never commit suicide and of those who do very few of them try to take others with them.

Another problem is trying to link gun owners with mental illnesses. Claiming that medical records of gun owners need to be tagged because they could be depressed is akin to saying gun owners are a special breed of people who are more likely to be mentally fucked up.

Then you just have to love this statistic:

After the inquest into the deaths, Christopher Foster’s estranged brother, Andrew, spoke publicly about his relationship with his brother and the need for greater control over the issuing of gun licences.

He said he had done some research into the subject: “There are 27,000 licensed gun holders in West Mercia alone and 25% will be treated for depression.

“That means 6,500 gun holders are suffering from depression and yet there is no communication between doctors and the police for people who are feeling suicidal.”

I wonder what qualifies as research in his mind. Maybe he did some Google searches like the Violence Police Center is known to do. Either way without a source these numbers are beyond useless. But rest assured they will be cited.

Fuck the British government. Why the Hell the citizens didn’t revolt when the government started taking their arms is beyond me. The first step of a fascist government is to disarm the populace.