This is How it Should Be

Well my work trip has almost concluded. I’m sitting in Detroit for two hours awaiting my flight back to my secure bunker in Minnesota. My two co-workers, being experienced flyers, were able to get transferred to an earlier flight and are now gone leaving me here alone. Sounds like a rough first experience for flying huh? Well no. To make up for the fact they couldn’t get me on the earlier flight one of my co-workers handed me a pass to the Delta Sky Club lounge.

I’m sitting here enjoying free and unlimited wine, whiskey, food, and coffee. The seats are amazing and the place is unpopulated enough where I have a section to myself to do as I please. I must say if I could experience this every time I flew I’d fly a lot.

Anyways blogging should return to normal tomorrow. Now if you’ll excuse me my glass of Jim Beam is looking mighty low.