No the NRA aren’t Bullying Children

Man you just have to love the mainstream media, you always know where they stand. I’m not sure if any of your heard but Florida has been looking into changing their state bird from the mockingbird. Well NRA board member Marion Hammer, a fan of the mockingbird, has been working hard to ensure things remain the same.

Likewise Florida let school children vote on a new bird. So the mainstream media is making it sound as if the NRA is not only directly fighting the change of the state bird but is also hating on children.

The problem is, as Sebastian on Snowflakes in Hell points out, neither accusation is true. See if you are member of an organization you can also do things independently of that organization. For instance I’m a member of the company I work at. According to the mainstream media that would imply my entire company is fighting for gun rights which isn’t true. See I’m working independently from the company that employs me. Just because one member of an organization does something doesn’t mean the entire organization is working with them.

Of course being the media is so anti-gun they love nothing more than making accusations against the big bad evil NRA who now also hate children.