Seriously Obama Take a Break

I mean come on you need to slow down. You’re goal of turning this country into a government controller state is getting out of hand. If you don’t slow down the entire country will be government regulated and controller then what are you doing to do? Sit on your but all day and not have anything to do that’s what.

Why am I brining this up? Because the Obamessiah is now pushing for further government control over the financial sector under the name of an overhaul. He’s going to be giving a speech urging more power to be given to the central bank and Federal Reserve. From the article:

The White House would give the central bank, the Federal Reserve, new powers over huge financial firms and the ability to seize banks whose collapse could threaten the economy.

Yes that’s going to work out just great, give the assholes who helped cause this problem more control. It’s not like the government was encouraging banks to give loans for houses that people couldn’t afford. But hey Obama is going to work on his promise to save or create jobs in the only way he knows how, create more federal agencies:

Mr Obama also wants a new watchdog, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, for products like mortgages, car loans and credit cards and the Federal Trade Commission will gain new powers to protect consumers.

This is going to be great because the federal government has been oh so good at protecting consumers from themselves. Let’s all thank Uncle Sam for taking control of our lives and regulating us heavily to protect us from what we may do to ourselves. Fuck personal responsibility we need to be told what to do otherwise we’ll fuck ourselves over!

If anybody didn’t get smeared with the sarcasm dripping off of that previous statement your obviously wearing a very thick rain jacket.