Nation Firearms Act, Screwing Over Those Who Comply Since 1934

Walls of the City shows us even if you try to comply with the National Firearms Act you should be bloody careful because purchasing the wrong accessory will make you no longer compliant. See Jesus Amador Jr. had a H&K SP89 pistol. He also owned a vertical grip for it which makes it an any other weapon under the NFA. But Mr. Amador is a good law abiding citizen and jumped through all the hoops to properly register the gun with the ATF.

The problem is that even though it was properly registered as an any other weapon he also possessed a butt stock for the pistol. Well he decided to sell the pistol with the vertical grip and butt stock attachments. What he didn’t know was the person buying it was an undercover agent and all the hoops jumped through didn’t mean shit. See because he had a butt stock attachment the gun needed to be re-registered as a short barreled rifle instead of an any other weapon. Mr. Amador didn’t know this and figured if he registered his pistol as an NFA weapon he was good to go. This sums up the story appropriately:

Well folks my name is Jesus Amador, you out there might just know me as Digitalage03, i recently met up with a prospected buyer for my sp89 clone pistol, well turns out the guy was a undercover cop and the reason he wanted to meet up with me is because he saw that i was selling the pistol with a stock as one of the accessories, which by the way it was never on the gun and it is legal to own, you just cant install it without a tax stamp, well anyways once i met up with him not only did i get slammed to the ground and had about 7 armed cops (one of which) had a loaded 12ga to the back of my head while on the ground handcuffed they also illegally searched my car and even had the balls to drive off in my car from private property to a public place so they can tear thru it before the towtruck came and got ,

Thankfully the police apparently fucked up big time with the arrest which is probably the only thing that will save Mr. Amador from a long prison sentence for having the gall to own a butt stock attachment for his pistol. Anybody who says the National Firearms Act is a good law and doesn’t affect innocent people is a fucking moron.