Bloomberg Stepping on the Fed’s Toes

Mega douche Mayor Bloomberg is at his antics again. This is coming from Says Uncle. He sent his thugs into several out of state gun shows and had them purchase firearms from private individuals. His thugs went to non-dealers (that would be private individuals like myself and probably you) and purchased firearms while apparently admitting they were from out of state and couldn’t pass a background check.

This type of “investigation” (I use the term loosely as no police were actually working on this) falls under the territory of the FBI and ATF whom apparently have told Bloomberg to knock it off before. Says Uncle has several links to stories involving Bloomberg stepping on federal agents’ toes and muddling up their investigations.

Says Uncle also has a followup post explaining very clearly that no loophole exists. The purchases and sellers both broke the law. Simply breaking the law doesn’t constitute a loophole, it constitutes breaking the law:

My issue with it is the fact that the investigation illustrated that you can break the law by breaking the law. If a person purchases a handgun out of state, they break the law. They have a webpage set up and a report in which they state they bought guns out of state (page 17). That’s illegal. Also, they engaged in straw purchases, also illegal.

So Bloomberg’s thugs broke the law while demonstrating the law can be broken. To me this seems to require police to arrest the persons committing illegal acts. See police officers can break the law as part of a string operation (which Bloomberg is calling this) in their jurisdiction. But Bloomberg’s thugs don’t appear to be police and if they were they would be New York cops and therefore out of their jurisdiction. I think the ATF should practice their history of abuse on those so called investigators.

Coming from a gun show this weekend where an out of state person tried to purchase a handgun at the table I got me Glock 30 from I can say dealers usually don’t go for this. In the case I witnessed a person had a California ID and tried to purchase a pistol and the dealer told him no way in Hell. Maybe it was one of Bloomberg’s thugs in action. If so they obviously didn’t get any takes since they never mentioned Minnesota as a state where they were operating.

Also I apologize that there isn’t a direct link to the story but the site with the actual story requires registration to read it. As a personal policy I don’t link to sites that pull that kind of shit.