Al-Qaeda Planned to Use Large Hadron Collider to Destroy the Earth

See the headline for this article? Yeah well I came up with it myself so when you see it in the newspaper tomorrow don’t try to say I stole it. Anyways one of the employees at Cern was arrested due to suspected links to Al-Qaeda. For those of you outside of the loop Cern is the organization who controls the Large Hadron Collider that is supposed to be used to create miniature black holes.

Apparently Al-Qaeda was plotting to use this contraption to destroy the entire world, at least that’s what the media will be saying tomorrow. Apparently during questioning the arrested man said that he was put in place in order to steal the black hole generation technology. Once this technology was in the hands of Al-Qaeda they would use it to create a black hole bomb in an attempt to destroy all infidels in the world.