Governor Schwarzenegger Just Shafted California

Via Snowflakes in Hell we have some bad news for those of you in California, the Governator just sighed AB 962. Sure it won’t help actually deter criminals who will simply steal, purchase through straw men, or purchase their ammunition out of state. This of course is irrelevant since California’s motto is, “any law will pass so long as it inconveniences the law abiding gun owner and doesn’t cause any difficulties to the criminals.” I’m guessing California is just trying to see if there is a critical number of laws that, if enacted, with actually cause criminals to stop breaking them.

Those of you in California can look forward to surrendering your personal information and thumb print EVERY time you purchase ANY handgun ammunition. Yesterday’s episode of Truth About Guns dealt with this exact subject hence I don’t have much further to say. All I can add though is to expect a state-wide scam to ban handguns all together in the near future.

I will provide these pieces of information though. Here are the vote break downs for the California assembly and the California senate. You Californians have your job cut out for you as you need to work hard to vote out every one of the people in those lists who voted yes.

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  1. The problem is most of them can’t be voted-out, since 1991 they are protected in gerrymandered districts where they can’t loose – except to another Democrat-clone candidate.

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