Because our Government has Nothing Important to Do

You know I just love the random and weird stories I find on Dvorak Uncensored. But sometimes they depress me. Because there is an apparent lack of actual issues to deal with Representative Anna Eshoo from, wait for it, California has introduced the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (the acronym is CALM, very clever Mrs. Eschoo).

What does it do? Well it would require the FCC to enforce a rule that television commercials can’t be “unreasonably” loud. Yup while our country is in an economic depression, our money is becoming worthless, we’re at war with several nations, we have government striving for more control over the health care industry, and the PATROIT Act is still in force somebody decided to waste time with the volume of television commercials. You’r tax money at work.

4 thoughts on “Because our Government has Nothing Important to Do”

  1. This is similar to local, idiotic behavior by our incredibly stupid Legislature that is “protected” – protected by the fact that since 1991 – almost twenty years – they are secure in their Democrat Gerrymandered districts and don’t have to run a credible campaign to become re-elected.
    We have in effect a California Democrat Politburo who can’t be ousted, they have the numbers on their side, and the campaign money supplied by the Unions. Any attempt to run against a vote-protected incumbent is a waste of money.
    But, like an inbred species of dog, the flaws in this low-hanging fruit, no-opposition breeding-ground have become obvious. There is no actual intelligence requirement, and frivolous behavior like this is becoming normative – since they have nothing to do but enact the edicts of their Politburo at The Central Committee – really, that’s what it’s called, the Democrats named it that.
    Fortunately the Stupidslature has within it the seeds of its own downfall, but the consequences for the rest of us – and the Country – will be severe.

  2. I’m sorry to hear California went and carved up their state to strategically ensure the winning of a single party.

    It would seem to me this needs to be taken care of as well. Neither major party should have an advantage over the other through the drawing up of arbitrary boundaries.

  3. IMO there are just enough Republicans feeding at the trough in Sacramento to supply them with standing as the “Nomenklatura.” It gives the Single-PArty State appearance of legitimacy by having opposition, and the patronage and power they receive is the reward. Efforts to re-district along other lines or in other ways are resisted by both sides, as is an “Open Primary” where voting can cross party lines – we had it for a year and then the Republican’s squashed it in self-interest.
    What I’m seeing though (I think), is a Party that’s devolving because of the lack of requirements. Meanwhile the State is circling the drain as identity-politic groups and Unions strike for even MORE benefits – they don’t seem to care or be aware that half of nothing is nothing.
    Anyhow, not your problem! 🙂

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