Kid Suspended for Having Shotgun in Truck Off School Property

Here’s another story complements of Says Uncle that really makes my blood boil. A student has been suspended from school indefinitely for having a shotgun in his truck during school hours. But here’s the kicker, his truck wasn’t parked on school property.

The school officials feel they have the authority to enforce their policies off of their property now. Next up suspension for owning firearms, period. Here is something interesting:

Parisio said she will appeal the district’s decision to the Glenn County Board of Education. If the decision is upheld and her son is sent to a continuation school, Parisio said she would likely home-school Tudesko.

Personally if the school’s decision is upheld I hope the kid’s parents take that school to court. I did a quick jaunt through Google and it seems Willow High is a public school and therefore the kid’s parents are paying taxes to the school.

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  1. This is something that needs to be nipped in the bud; if they are allowed to set a precedent, it could get really ugly with all sorts of subjects, not just firearms.

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