If You Build it Somebody Will Put Rails On It

Via Gun Pundit I have found another example of somebody needing to tacticool up old guns. BEHOLD! A Tommy gun with rails.

Actually what was used to design it is the true story. A web application called Pimp My Gun allows you to drag and drop different features on various guns. It’s rather cool (it would actually be cool if it wasn’t written in Flash). I think I could entertain myself for a couple hours with this.

One thought on “If You Build it Somebody Will Put Rails On It”

  1. That’s horrible, and does nothing to fix it’s ergonomics I bet. Stock angle an obvious no, but what about the selector and safety leverS or the magazine release thing? besides that, what would you wear? Suit and fedora? No. Tacticool mall ninja? Nope!
    That thing has no purpose.

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