5 thoughts on “This Should Restart the Caliber Wars”

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  2. Not really…

    As most only advocate 9mm with modern ammo. And discourage it in FMJ. Where as our military is pretty much constrained by FMJ.

    1. Yeah I know. I just find the whole caliber debate to be pointless yet so hotly argued. Personally I believe criminals dislike being shot period, they find it rather unpleasant.

  3. Yes, these “caliber wars” have little basis in the real world. JHP 9mm and .45 both expand to about the same diameter (the stubby profile of .45 acp bullets prevent much mushrooming, so both expand to a meplat of roughly .60 inch depending on load) and both exert about the same energy (slightly more with the .45)
    So, with modern bullets, both calibers suck equally compared to a rifle.

    1. Ding, ding, ding ding! I’m paraphrasing a firearms instructor who’s name I’ve forgotten but he said, and I agree, a handgun is a tool used to get to your rifle.

      Every study out there seems to find that all handgun cartridges have one thing in common, they suck compared to a long arm caliber (rifle or shotgun). The reason those of us who carry handguns don’t carry long arms is simply due to the fact handguns are easily carried due to their size.

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