Nerf Gun, The Same Thing as Real Gun According to Colorado University

More hysterical stupidity brought to my attention via Snowflakes in Hell. From this day forward Colorado University will be treating Nerf guns exactly the same as real guns. I’m glad I didn’t go there because I had several Nerf gun fights at my college. Also I can carry a gun on campus since I’m not a student or faculty of any college here in Minnesota.

Anyways Nerf guns are becoming popular on that campus for a fucking awesome reason:

Nerf guns have been popping up around CU this week, after some students started playing the popular game “Humans vs. Zombies.” It’s similar to the game of tag.

The humans are supposed to shoot the zombies with Nerf guns to keep them away.

I think this should be done at every college. We need more zombie defense and awareness training.