Because Britain Likes To Do Things That Make Sense

Says Uncle once again presents a story showing what is wrong with Britain.

A knife wielding thug decided to brake into Munir Hussain’s home. Mr. Hussain decided he’s have none of that and defended his family and home with a cricket bat. What was the outcome? Well Mr. Hussain is serving 30 months in jail while the invader walked out with two years parole. Furthermore the invader, Mr. Salem, wasn’t exactly a law abiding citizen:

Salem was the only intruder caught after the incident in September last year, but his injuries meant that he was not fit to plead after being charged with false imprisonment. Salem, who has 50 past convictions, was given a two-year supervision order in September this year. He is now in custody awaiting trial for an alleged credit card fraud.

Yeah that’s right a person with 50 previous convictions is getting two years on parole while the person who owned the home he broke into is getting 30 months in jail. Thankfully Britain likes to do things that make sense.