Because We’ve Done So Well In the Past

So I open up the BBC to get my daily fill or news everybody else cares about (in other words not gun related) and see this story:

President Barack Obama has pledged his administration “will not rest” until all those behind an alleged plot to bomb a US plane are brought to justice.

I’m sorry but I have little hope that we’ll actually nab the people who planned this. We’ve spent over eight years trying to capture Osama and so far haven’t (granted he could be dead at this point). We’re still trying to destroy al Qaeda but even though they are a far inferior military power they’re still around. Iraq is still a mess. Seriously does our government do anything right?

Don’t get me wrong if there were other people involved in the crotch bomber plot we should nail them. I just lack confidence in our government to do the job. I’m guessing this will end up being an invasion of Yemen (where the bomb was apparently from) meaning more of our finest men and women will be sent off to die in yet another pointless war.