Mayors Against Civil Rights Secret Document

Snowflakes in Hell let us know that California Gun Laws has obtained a copy of Mayors Against Illegal Any Guns Blueprint for Federal Actions. God I love Freedom of Information requests. Head over to the site, register, download, read, and get angry.

I’m still diving through it but Snowflakes in Hell already got through it and made a nice list of what those pricks are planning. And let me tell you it has nothing to do with illegal anything.

2 thoughts on “Mayors Against Civil Rights Secret Document”

  1. Looks like the perfect topic for “Truth About Guns” episode 9 for the six or so listeners!

    Thinking about the “Minimally-endowed Against Innocent Gunowners” (5th grade humor for the win!), how can NYC keep voting for this jerk?!

    1. Sadly It’s come to my attention too late to be used for episode 9. Anyways I’ve already got a plan for episode 9 that is pretty good, I think.

      It could very well be episode 10.

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