Crossbreed Holster Service

For daily carry I use a Crossbreed SuperTuck in the waistband holster. Over my time with a carry permit I’ve purchased three of their holsters; one of the XD, one of the Glock, and one for my 1911. As I mentioned a while ago a crack developed in the Kydex on the XD holster. Well I sent it in for service and finally received it back.

First when I say finally I mean nothing ill, I sent it a week before Christmas. I wasn’t expecting it back until after the holiday season. Well it came back to me last week. I was rather impressed when I opened the box and it contained an entirely new holster.

I was expecting them to simply replace the Kydex. Once again when I say this I wasn’t think any ill, I figured the leather was still good so why not just swap out the broken part. Either way I have a new holster and they even send me a roll of Lifesavers. Anyways this is more or less a post just stating that I’m very happy with their service. Their holsters are a touch expensive but if something goes wrong it’s not my problem which is well worth the additional cost.