Those Progressives Sure Are a Violent Bunch

For all the claims of loving peace and hating violence those progressives (Not to be confused with liberals.) sure like their violence. Walls of the City shows us what one of these progressives had to say about carry permits:

You, however, have demonstrated considerable irresponsibility in your arguments and in your personal attacks on this blogger, who also happens to be my wife. Send me your home address and I’ll come to your house and punch your fucking face in. Unless you are a pussy who can’t fight without a gun in his hand.

Yes apparently this particular progressive seems to find guns a pussy’s weapon. But if you’re not a pussy he’s willing to come to your home and punch you in the face. My question is why is he only willing to come over to somebody’s home and punch the person in the face if that person doesn’t have a gun? Oh wait I remember now because violent attackers don’t like armed resistance. I want to thank the person who made that comment for reaffirming two things. Progressives are violent and why I own guns.