Beautifully Put Post About Felons and Guns

I have to give Robb Allen some serious props here. He wrote a great post about felons and gun ownership. Much like myself he opposes stripping a person of their second amendment rights just because their a felon. Not because he wants to see felons with guns but because felonies are a joke now, not limited to serious crimes.

As I’ve stated before I’m a fan of you do the crime you do the time. Once you’ve done the time that’s it, your punishment should be over. With that said if you’ve done a seriously horrible crime you should received an equally horrible punishment. In other words if you murdered several people in cold blood you shouldn’t be seeing the light of day again. On the other hand if you wrote a bad check over $500.00 you shouldn’t have your rights stripped from you.

If somebody is perceived as a danger to society to such an extent it is desire to bar that person from obtaining weapons, why is that person out of prison?